Asahi India Glass Ltd. launches a new range under its Ecosense brand

By September 13 , 2016

Mumbai, 8th September, 2016: Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS), India’s leading integrated glass company expanded its existing portfolio in the architectural segment with theintroduction of a new range under its Ecosense range of high-performance glasses (The Green Standard in Glass). The new range – Excelcombines the best of functionalities with best-in-class eco-friendly features. Ecosense Excel is a specialized green building glass with advanced solar control and low-E properties. This glass productcomes with excellent thermal insulation and best-in-class solar control performance. Excel (Double Low-E glass) can be used in a number of applications, like structural glazing, facade glazing, bolted systems, curtain walling and fenestration applications, insulated glazing units, laminated double glazed units, laminated, heat treated and bent glazing units. The two series in which Ecosense Excel is available are – Pearl and Sparkle. The shades available in these two series are Clear, Blue, and Green.

Mr. Vikram Khanna, COO – Architectural Institutional Business, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Asahi India Glass Limited said, “Amid an increasing demand for high performance glass to enhance a Green Building’s aura and efficiencies, AIS is continuously innovating to transform the living and work places of consumers. AIS’ eco-friendly offerings under the umbrella of Ecosense range of high performance glasses are aligned to the green revolution. Enabled by technological upgradations in the glass processing technology, AIS is innovating new single-glazed and double-glazed products with the best ‘GREEN’ parameters.”

The Ecosense range strikes the perfect balance between outdoors and indoors, function and finesse. Developed to suit the unique climatic conditions of the Indian subcontinent, Ecosense meets the needs of the Indian consumers who traditionally require more cooling than heating and want to prevent solar radiation from coming in. Optimally medium to low U-value, rather than very low U-value, and optimum light is what the Indian consumers want and this is exactly what Ecosense intelligently gives them. A natural choice for all environment-friendly architecture, Ecosense is now widely used on exterior facades to keep indoor spaces brighter and cooler. It allows light to pass through a window or face, while radiating, absorbing and reflecting away a large degree of the near-range infrared heat. The existing product ranges include – Ecosense Enhance (Solar Control), Ecosense Exceed (Solar Control Low-E), Ecosense Essence (Low-E) and Ecosense Edge (Solar Control & Thermal Insulation; Can be used for single glazing applications) range, each of them complete in a variety of coloursto suit every customer’s preference and requirement.

About Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS):

Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS) is India’s leading integrated glass solutions company and a dominant player both in the car and building glass segment. It commands over 70% share in the Indian passenger car glass market. Established in 1986, AIS’ footprint today spans the entire spectrum of the automotive and architectural glass value chains. It is a sand-to-solutions organization with products & services for institutional buyers as well as retail customers.