Ceramic Tile vs. Vitrified tile?

By July 07 , 2017
Ceramic Tile vs. Vitrified tile?

Ceramic Tiles and Vitrified tiles are the most widely used tiles and are available in different colors, shapes, sizes and patterns. The differences between both tiles are as follows-

  • Ceramic Tiles are made of natural clay sand and water; they are combined together and manufactured into ceramic tiles. Vitrified tiles are made of quartz, feldspar and sand through the process of vitrification.All the materials are heated to such a temperature that they melt into a glass type mixture and then converted into tiles. This process makes the vitrified tiles into a very strong and homogeneous material.
  • Ceramic tiles are porous and have a tendency of absorbing water while vitrified tiles are highly impervious and water resistant.
  • The top layer of a ceramic tile has a glazed surface while vitrified tiles have consistent layers. They look like glass and an additional shiny finish is not required.
  • Ceramic Tiles are manufactured by the process of Dust Pressing while vitrified tiles are manufactured by the process of Hydraulic pressing.
  • Ceramic tiles are used mainly in the indoors while vitrified tiles are ideal for indoors and outdoors having a very high traffic in commercial areas.
  • Ceramic tiles are cheap while vitrified tiles are comparatively expensive.
  • Ceramic tiles are prone to cracking and breaking while vitrified tiles has a very strong material strength and does not crack easily.

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