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Solar panels installed on your roof, or placed on mounts, can harness the sun’s energy so your solar energy system’s inverter can generate clean power in the form of watts that you can then use to power your home. Excess watts of energy are sent to your electric utility’s power grid, and a net meter device installed in your home tracks how much energy you draw from and send to the grid. You can then receive energy credits for the solar panel energy you sent, and those save you money on your electric bill. You could even store these excess watts in a home battery to use later. Talk about a bright idea!

Not only that, but there are different types of solar panels that fit different types of budgets. There are polycrystalline panels for those looking to save money. Polycrystalline panels are the bluer solar cells that look like they have a shiny confetti in them. And there are monocrystalline panels for those willing to spend more for greater efficiency. These are the black panels that have the corners cut off their cells.

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