Double Door Designs for Main Doors in India

By February 16 , 2018

The entrance gets redefined with a beautiful double door. Double doors are used as a main door which gives a wide opening and space to the entrance and also is available in uncountable patterns! There are variations like swing doors, wooden patio doors, French style double door designs and many such options which can glorify the home entrances.

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The double doors are the best option to choose if you have a wide opening for your home. You can utilize this space to add a glass and wooden double door or a French double door which can make your home look richer and elegant! The entrance is a very important part of any home which grabs the attention of the visitors and thus, must be designed in a classy way! Double doors are best suited if you have big bungalows, even a small tenement or a duplex!

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Have a look at some of the modern, contemporary and stylish double door designs redefine your home décor with a ravishing double door! Here is an impressive double door design catal double dooogue which will make it difficult for you to choose from!

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Front double door designs

The front door is the best option where you can place a huge double door. From the wooden to the keralian style double doors, there are some exceptional ways to build a beautiful entrance. Here are some of the front double door design Indian houses :

wooden double door designs

Indians love wooden doors and keep experimenting with the wooden double door designs. One of the beautiful wooden double door designs is the arched wooden double door with glass panels!

front double door

The Kerala style wooden doors are very famous. Front double door designs in Kerala style India consists of unique designs and patterns. The double door has a decorative opening with golden coloured handles and such beautiful variations.

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unique Wooden double door

This is one of the unique Wooden double door designs Kerala style which comes with an arched shaped top and beautiful engraved patterns on the door.

wooden front double door

The carved wooden double door designs for Indian homes are trending and this is one of the best designs to choose from. With traditional handles and carved pattern, this door rocks!

 Front double door design

This is a selective Front double door design photo for a simple house which comes with a painted finishing and smooth handles. These swing-out doors occupy lesser space and open easily.

Main front double door designs

Here are some more front double door deigns in wood which you can consider:

main front double door
main double door

Main double door designs for home in India can be chosen from different options. There are pure wooden doors, wooden doors with glass panels, painted doors and many such variations described as below :

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fibreglass wooden door

This is a decorative fibreglass wooden door which is one of the fabulous double door designs for houses for a modern look. Decorative glass and features are the highlights.

double door designs for Indian homes

The double door designs for Indian homes also consist of a blend of the doors with huge glass panels and dark brown wood. This door gives the entrance a bright and contemporary look.

unique double door designs for main door

If you are looking for a unique double door designs for main door, the French doors are worth considering. These doors have a beautiful white paint and sophisticated handles for a designer look!

Textured double door design

Textured double door design for home is one of the trendiest ways you can brighten up your entrance. The beautiful striped pattern and a simple wooden base is all we need for a unique house!

Hand carved main double door

Hand carved main double door design is quite traditional and can bring a feel of warmth in your home. This is one of the traditional main double door designs for home you can choose.

double door designs with steel handles

This is one of the widely preferred Contemporary double door designs with stainless steel handles, left-hand in swing opening and a perfect polishing. This will give your home a divine look!

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Here are some of the Double door design images and Main double door designs pictures you can refer for redecorating your home entrance. These are the trending and preferred designs easily available in India.

Main front door
House front door
Main wooden double door
Modern front door
Wood glass double door design

Metal double door

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Thus, these are the best Double door designs in India which will give your home a traditional and contemporary feel along with a stylish look! Choose from any of these designs and make your house look exceptionally beautiful this season!

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