Flush Door vs. Panel Door

By August 31 , 2016

Flush Doors and Panel doors are widely used in the interiors. Panel doors have been used since ages while flush doors have been recently introduced. 

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Difference Between Flush Doors and Panel Doors

  • Panel doors are manufactured with traditional wood joiners like stiles, rails and infills.Flush doors are a wooden framework filled with solid core material and finished with a plywood top. They are further finished with laminate, paint or veneer to match with the interiors.
  • Panel doors are much more expensive than Flush doors.
  • Flush Doors are very good insulators of sound while panel doors are not.
  • Flush doors can perform well as fire resistant doors while panel doors are more prone to fire.
  • Panel doors are aesthetically more appealing than Flush doors.
  • Flush doors are termite resistant while Panel doors are not.
  • Flush door are easy to manufacture .They are made in factories and have to made as per precise measurements required at site. The manufacture and fabrication of Panel doors require a lot of detailing and is time consuming.
  • Flush doors are easier to clean and maintain in comparison to Panel doors.
Flush Door
Flush Door
Panel Door
Panel Door

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