31 House Railing Designs for Balcony & Staircase in India (2018)

By January 25 , 2018
Balcony Railing Designs

House Railing Design: Railings are an important fixture in any house and helps add panache to the architectural element while helping your balcony or staircase stand out a bit more. A stylish railing design is an expression of creativity not only in terms of the actual shape and structure but also when it comes to the usage of materials. Although it’s functionality remains the same, railing styles have dramatically evolved over the years and can be the center piece in a home and can help further accentuate the overall home décor.

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Be it your balcony or your staircase, house railing designs have come a long way. With a whole variety of design options available, railings now come in all shapes and models and the most common designs include wooden railing designs, iron railing design, wrought iron railings and glass railing design. Whether your home has a rustic appeal or you prefer something to match the décor of your modern, contemporary house, choosing the appropriate railing design can truly help make it the focal point in your house.

Different interior and exterior house railing designs

Below is a photo gallery of a variety of different interior and exterior railing designs for your staircase or balcony to choose from.

Staircase Railing Designs

beautiful spiral staircases for your house

Spiral staircases have always been beautiful and when paired along with wrought iron, it makes for a truly elegant and alluring staircase. More than just being functional, this staircase is a symbol of understated style and sophistication.

Modern glass railing design

The use of glass here complements the wooden staircase while the steel support frames add to its uniqueness. The classy modern glass railing keeps safety in mind while offering an uninterrupted view of the well-constructed wooden steps as well.

indoor stair railings designs

This sleek modern stair piece is one of the better simple indoor stair railings design.

unique handrail design for indoor stairs

A unique handrail design for indoor stairs to give a unique look to your stair case.

outside staircase railing design

A very simple but very allegiant wrought iron outside staircase railing design with wrought iron outdoor furniture gives a complete makeover to your outdoor.

indoor glass railings with wooden steps

This exquisite indoor railings features an impressively glass railing that attaches cleanly to the stunning light wooden steps.

Iron zig-zag railing

This wrought iron zig-zag railing design is a lovely designed black interior railing is the perfect match for this staircase and interior balcony.

iron railing design for interior staircase handrail

This is a very regular yet very elegant wrought iron railing design for interior staircase handrail.

Wooden railings

Wooden railings complement staircases like this one especially in case where wood is a predominant feature in your house. Wood also lets out an old rustic charm while making the area look airy and less cluttered.

Indoor spiral staircase railings

A very modern and sleek indoor stair railings available for these Spiral staircases

home staircase railing designs
staircase metal railing designs
latest staircase railing designs
staircase steel railing designs with glass
railing designs with glass

Balcony Railing Designs

glass railing design for balcony
iron railing design for balcony

Glass railings are not only a popular choice but also make a statement in style while delivering unobstructed views to the great outside. Club it with an aluminium or steel hand rail and it will deliver the desired aesthetics to complement your contemporary abode.

stainless steel balcony railing designs
house balcony railing design
stainless steel balcony railing designs
steel railing design for balcony
modern balcony railing design

This is a sturdy yet minimalist wooden balcony railing featuring elegant vertically aligned wooden pieces that perfectly match the stunning wooden handrail.

house balcony railing design

This beautifully designed contemporary exterior balcony iron railing design is built with strong, durable iron that is designed to endure the weather elements. At the same time, its elegantly structured straight lined circular design adds oodles of class to the otherwise mundane balcony.

iron railing design for balcony
glass railing design for balcony
balcony railing designs pictures
glass railing design for balcony
balcony railing designs pictures

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