Louver Doors and Windows Designs

By December 14 , 2017
Top Louvered Doors and Windows Design

Windows and doors easily rank amongst the most stand-out features of any house and help give it immense character and visual impact as well. Not only do they help provide natural light but also offer some semblance of a view to the great outdoors. While zeroing on the apt design for your windows or doors, do consider incorporating louver designs as they look lovely in any home and never go out of style. Louvered doors and louvre windows are also fairly inexpensive, even when you go with a custom design, which basically entails that you can be stylish without having to spend much. Last but not least you will love how they make your home look!

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The brise-soleil in front of the window here is seamlessly integrated with the overall façade while providing a perfect blend of utility and class. This particular window louver is not only great at facilitating airflow into a house, but also provides a handy outlet for rising hot air. All this translates to more comfortable living.

Classic Louver Window

This classic louvered window provides another efficient way to utilize natural light and air flow while facilitating a perfect way to divide that special room and create a unique interior design.

Solid Wood Louvered Door

Crafted from solid wood with a beautiful black finish, this louvered door is masterfully constructed to stand the tests of time while also infusing your décor with a relaxed, quaint look and feel.

Solid Pine Wood Louvered Door

Constructed from solid pine wood for optimal robustness and durability, this beautifully crafted louver door will add panache and further brighten up your home. This medium brown oak finished louvers are intricately designed to complement your rich brown furniture while giving your home or work office, the fresh upgrade it deserves.

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Glass Louver Windows

Experience superior ventilation and capture carefree breezes with these stylish glass louver windows. Additionally, you can even control the ventilation and also the amount of transparency by adjusting the louvers to an angle that fits your requirements.

Antique White Finish Louvered Door

The gorgeous antique white finish of this louver door blended with a utility mirror simply exudes class while being extremely low on maintenance as well. It can be simply dusted clean with just a soft dry cloth and provides an excellent alternative to an ordinary mundane looking door.

Elegant Window Louvers

Liven up your dull interiors with the help of these elegant and sophisticated window louvers which not only allows a visual connection between rooms but also helps give the room a feeling of airiness and space while promoting continuous air flow.

Vintage Styled Louvered Windows

Louvered windows also give the illusion of extra space in a room. This vintage styled window can bring a new openness to your home while also ensuring that the air keeps circulating thus keeping any mustiness at bay.

Chic White Finish Louvered Door

The bright replicated chic white finish on this gorgeous stand-alone louvered door marries contemporary appeal with exhilarating flair and is sure to add warmth to your space while sprucing up your décor as well.

Louvered Doors Lacquer Finish

With its cosmopolitan styling coupled with the unique and rich espresso lacquer finish, this louver door makes for the ideal addition to any bedroom. Furthermore, Its rustic antique brown adds to its ubiquitous charm while its rich and refined lines are sure to enhance the décor of every single room it graces.

Rustic Old Charm Louvered Door

With so much timber around, the rustic old charm exuded from the classic antique finish is displayed elegantly in this timeless louvered door design. This also helps add a touch of class to your décor and is fitting for a traditional home.

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