The Perfect Time To Remodel Your Kitchen

By October 12 , 2018
remodel your kitchen

A: I have had enough of this kitchen.
B: Why ? what is wrong with it.? Your cooking is still pretty good.
A: I want more focus and clarity.I need more space for my gadget.It also look so worn out. These wooden slabs are cracked now.
B: All right ! So we rethink the whole space.
A: Something like that.
B: So when do you want it done.
A: I dunno . May be summer of spring. February or March or April is good.

Yeah ! so that is about the best time for redoing or remodeling your Kitchen.
Said it outright. The winter would be too cold and the summer too hot, so in the middle somewhere. July to September is also a good time.

You could choose may and June – the summer hols time because you might be out of the house cooling off in some breezy mountain resort with the good gentlemen, the Interior Designer you selected and his efficient team get to work in your house. All explained and sorted out, with a reliable house worker or aunt or uncle, in-charge of the house or the brother-in- law`s wife, if she is not too busy or just someone you know well having enough time to oversee the work and the house.

October to December could also be good. Materials are cheaper. Business is slower for contractors and so they may also get your work done quicker. Wet weather is not so good for this work.

Remember that you must allow for several weeks of planning the work and tell the contractor or builder one or two months in advance so he can gather all the materials, labour he will need for the job.

Also if you plan in advance you have enough time to buy the materials, gadgets you need much before at lower prices rather then break- neck nick of time buying.

The best time could be when the children have gone to granny`s house or a summer trekking camp.Also, when your budget allows and the job will prevent the least disruption to your household. Also get hold of a team who you can trust.

An alternate cooking space: Grilling is a great option for meal preparation during a kitchen remodel, but if you live in a snowy state, that just won’t work; opt for the warmer, drier months if you live in a cold or rainy area.

Minimize the costs: Like all retail products, the cost of building materials fluctuates throughout the year. If you plan your project in advance you can purchase different materials like paint, trim, Sheetrock, tile, etc., when they are at their cheapest.

Get the job done faster: If your job requires a contractor, it behooves you to plan in advance and schedule your contractor when they have plenty of time to dedicate to your project. Late fall and mid-winter tend to be good times.

More hours in the day: If you’re doing much of your project yourself, you may prefer to start during spring or summer when the days are the longest allowing you to get more work done during daylight hours.

Steal space

By repurposing square footage from an adjacent hallway or a no-longer-needed chimney, closet, or porch, you can expand your kitchen at perhaps half the per-square-foot costs of an addition. Exactly how much you’ll pay depends on the project and location.Open the floorplan.

Even if you don’t expand the kitchen at all, you can make it feel much bigger by taking down a wall and creating an open floorplan between the kitchen and adjacent dining, family, or living room. In the context of a renovation project this may cost lesser, depending on whether the wall is load-bearing or contains major plumbing or electrical lines.

So we have offered you several suggestions and ideas and mixing and matching, seeing to your family`s convenience you can decide on the best time for your remodel.