Asphalt vs. Concrete

    By August 31 , 2016

    Asphalt and Concrete are widely used materials especially in driveways, walkways and, pavements.

    Differences Between Asphalt and Concrete Driveways

    The characteristics and differences between both the materials are –

    • Concrete driveways are more durable and have a greater longevity than asphalt.
    • Concrete driveways do not require maintenance while asphalt needs regular maintenance.
    • Concrete works very well in warm climates while Asphalt works very well in cold climates.
    • Concrete is prone to cracking and difficult to repair while Asphalt is less likely to crack.
    • Concrete is more expensive than Asphalt.
    • Concrete has a smooth surface while Asphalt has a rough surface and oily texture. Asphalt should be sealed regularly as the oils get oxidized, loose their moisture and tend to become brittle.
    • Concrete is light coloured hence prone to stains while asphalt is dark and shall not show stains easily.
    • Concrete requires a minimum of 7 days of curing while Asphalt can be cured  within a few hours after laying.
    • Concrete cannot withstand extreme weather changes while Asphalt is thermoplastic and can shrink and expand according to the weather changes.

    For both asphalt and concrete good and compact gravel foundations must be made before installation of the material.