What is Laser Cladding?

By May 10 , 2016

Laser Cladding or Laser Deposition is a processing technique used for adding one material to the surface of another in a controlled manner. Laser cladding is performed to improve the surface properties of metallic doors, windows, machines etc.

In the manufacturing process a stream of a desired powder is fed into a focused laser beam as it is scanned across the target surface, leaving behind a deposited coating of the chosen material. This enables the applied material to be deposited selectively just where it is required.

Process Advantages

  • Additional material can be placed precisely where desired.
  • A very wide choice of different materials can be deposited on the surface.
  • Deposits are fully fused to the surface with little or no porosity.
  • It is ideally suited for creating an entirely new surface as well as repairing damaged or worn surfaces (remanufacturing).
  • Laser cladding also increases the life span for components by improving corrosion and wear properties.