What is the difference between Adhesives & Sealants?

By May 14 , 2016

Sealants are polymers having a tight molecular structure that does not allow penetration. They contain fast-drying epoxies that form a sleek finish. Adhesives are a much more complex structure designed to grip and bind at a cellular level.

Adhesives vs. Sealants

  • Sealants are designed to close gaps between surfaces and prevent things like dust, water or dirt from entering it. Adhesives are generally made to make two surfaces stick together so that the surfaces can’t be separated.
  • Sealants have lower strength and high elongation/flexibility and are not used to bond materials together while adhesives are meant to stick two things together by adhesion.
  • Sealants don’t always have the sticking power needed for long-term adhesion and adhesives don’t  dry properly when used on an exterior surface
  • Sealants have a paste like consistency which allows filling of gaps between substrates and has low shrinkage after application. Adhesives are in liquid form which become solid after application and then used to bind materials together.
  • Adhesive will offer a more rigid and durable feel and look as opposed to sealants which are lower in strength and far more malleable.