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Cladding Panels

What are cladding panels

Cladding is an external coating of any building or house in which, a material is coated with another material to prevent the building from damages like rain, heat, thermal insulation and much more. To maintain the structure and strength of the buildings, panels are needed. The cladding panels are built to uphold the walls, framing and composition of the cladding. The panels support the cladding and help in pile maintaining the design.

Exterior cladding panels

The exterior cladding panels provide support the exterior elements and construction of the buildings preventing the buildings from damages. The exterior wall cladding panels consist of fibre cement, thermoplastic materials, and metals, thin sheets of stones, fibres or concrete.

Interior cladding panels

The interior cladding panels provide protection from the issues like moisture heat, temperature etc. These panels are used to decorate the interiors while providing insulation. Vinyl, stone, wood etc materials are used to clad the interiors.

Advantages of cladding panels

  • The cladding panels provide exceptional design and minimalist look to the walls
  • The cladding panels strengthen and protect the walls
  • The panels are insulated and prevent heat, wind, moisture, rain and such weather changes to affect the buildings
  • The cladding panels are low maintenance and remain untouched for years

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