Cladding Tiles

Cladding Tiles

The cladding tiles make the buildings more designer and stylish. Along with protecting the building walls from damage, the cladding tiles also add more style and elegance to the buildings.

There are different metals like granite, marbles, rock, and stones which are glued together to get the best exterior for buildings.

Interior wall cladding tiles and exterior wall cladding tiles are made up from sandstone, bricks, slate, marbles and some scenic elements which can provide protection from external elements like weather and sound.

You get the wall cladding tiles online which are available in different styles!

Wall Cladding Tiles

The Cladding tiles for exterior walls are available in different forms and textures. Nowadays, different elements are used for preparing the tiles. Here are the most widely preferred cladding tiles trending nowadays:

Stone Cladding Tiles

The stone cladding tiles are designer and look ravishing. The popular stone tiles are natural stone cladding tiles which look classy and royal.

The designs like waterfall cladding tiles, stand stone cladding tiles, multicolor cladding tiles, elevation stone tiles are the available options to choose from. These are used for both, the exterior and interior cladding.

Slate and Cement Cladding Tiles

Slate cladding is widely chosen for interior cladding however, the slate cladding tiles are also preferred for some external cladding areas. These types of cladding tiles are used to form a decorative cladding for hotels, restaurants, resorts etc.

Marble and Wooden Cladding Tiles

These are the delicate cladding tiles used for more elegant and glorious finish for the exterior décor. Marble and wooden cladding tiles look elegant and provide a minimalist look.

Advantages of Cladding Tiles

  • The tile cladding provides exceptional design and rich interior/exterior to the homes. Also the buildings like hotels, resorts and restaurants can get a perfect minimalist look with cladding tiles
  • Cladding tiles made from cement and stone does not lose its composition when exposed to rain, water leakage, temperature or wind.
  • The cladding tiles are strong, corrosion resistant and provides thermal insulation
  • These tiles are easy to maintain hygienic, stain proof long lasting and eco friendly

Cladding Tiles Prices

Wall cladding tiles India are available at affordable and economic prices depending on the material and style of cladding tiles. The best looking polished tiles would cost more than that of the simple cladding tiles.

The range is however 50/sqft to 400/sqft.


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