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Glass cladding:

Glass cladding is one of the most luxurious and unique kind of wall cladding buildings can have. Currently, glass cladding and glass facade is trending due to it’s ravish look and appealing view. Architects and designers choose glass cladding for providing a glorious look to the buildings while ensuring eco-friendly construction. From interesting colours to extraordinary shapes and dimensions, glass cladding offer rich look to the buildings.

In India, glass cladding has been witnessed in high end business offices and lavish residential buildings. The walls of buildings are covered with different types of glasses

The glass panels are supported through up-sands. These stands provide a strong grip to the glass panels and also prevent glass to get damaged by intense wind flow. U connectors are used to interlock the glass and retention clips are fixed to support the glass.

Glass facade details:

Glazing systems are used with glass facades on buildings. There are multiple options like framed glass facades, stick build glass facades, veneer glass facades, panelled glass facades, point-fixed bolted glass facades and frameless glass facades are used for structural purposes. These are the most common façade styles used in modern construction and interiors.

Benefits of glass Facades

  •  The glass facades are generally light weight, durable and classy
  •  Glass facades are scratch and weather resistant
  • Glass facades provide an immensely stylish and refreshing look to the interiors and exteriors
  • Glass facades are available in multiple colours and shapes
  • Glass facade comes with security benefits undergoing fire testing

Types of glass cladding:

  • Mouth blown glass
  • Back-painted glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Etched glass
  • Mirrored glass
  • Old world glass
  • Textured glass
  • Structural glass facade

Glass facade price range:

Structural facades
Semi structural facades 200sqft- 700/sqft
Frameless glass facade 300/sqft-600/sqft
Textured glass cladding 300/sqft-600/sqft
Laminated glass cladding 300/sqft – 700/sqft


These are the sample glass facade prices, to get updated price details request a callback now.



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