Metal Cladding Sheets Price, Designs

Metal Cladding Sheets:

Metal cladding is one of the strongest and aesthetic wall cladding options where different metals are merged together to prepare a decorative and supportive cladding. A metal is bonded with other different metals under extreme temperature. High temperature allows the material to blend and strengthen easily. The aim of cladding is to protect one material using the other material or composite through the coating. The best thing about metal cladding is that the strength of cladding can vary as per requirement. Also, the metal panels are easy to apply, look sleek and elegant.

The steel /metal cladding sheets are used for roofing as well as wall cladding. These sheets can be utilized for garages, commercial buildings, workshops, warehouses, factories, domestic cladding and roofing. There are amazing options for colour coating, available to make the cladding look more stylish and customised. The insulated sheets are highly strong and are UV resistant. Metal cladding sheets are easy to install and provide lifetime performance. To meet the heavy industrial and domestic demands, metal cladding sheets are widely used.

Benefits of metal cladding Sheets, Panels:

  •  Metal cladding provides a high definition clear and glorious look to the buildings.

  • Metal claddings are weather and fire resistant.

  • It is easy to apply and install and is also light weight.

  • The load of building won’t increase with the cladding.

  • Metal cladding is resistant to corrosion, fungi and moisture

  • The strength and power  of cladding can be enhanced

  • Metal cladding sheets are waterproof, durable, corrosion resistant and provide a smart coating

Types of metal cladding:

  • Aluminium cladding
  • Copper cladding
  • Brass cladding
  • Bronze cladding
  • Zinc cladding
  • Steel cladding

Metal cladding sheet price details:

Steel cladding sheets 200/sqft-1000/sqft
Zinc cladding sheets 300sqft- 800/sqft
Bronze cladding sheets 300/sqft-700/sqft
Brass cladding sheets 300/sqft-600/sqft
Copper cladding sheets 200/sqft-700/sqft
Aluminium cladding sheets 300/sqft – 1000/sqft

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