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PVC Board Price, Design

PVC Board (IS-1659) by Purbanchal Laminates (P) Ltd

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PVC Boards by Straton Group

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Price 120/Sq. Foot
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By : Straton Group

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

PVC Plastic Boards by Straton Group

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Price 63/Sq. Foot
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By : Straton Group

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Colored PVC Foam Board by Plastimber Impex

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Price 95/Sq. Foot
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By : Plastimber Impex

Abrama, Gujarat

PVC Board Price and Design:

PVC foam board is a material that is used for advertising, digital printing, insulation and a plethora of other applications. As this board is resistant to corrosion, it is mainly employed for use in corrosive environments. PVC board is strong yet has lightweight properties. PVC board is resistant to chemicals and fire. It is a popular choice of material due to its flexibility and versatility. Hence, it is also utilized in the furniture industry and construction applications.

This material is smooth, glossy and offers uniform surface. PVC foam board gives a pleasing and modern look to the complexes, applications or furniture where they are applied. It has become a popular choice of material and hence, PVC board furniture is in great demand.

Common Applications of PVC Foam Board:

Interior Applications: Modular kitchens, home and office furniture, fales ceilings, partitions, wardrobes, etc.

Exterior Applications: Wall cladding, shuttering boards, construction, garden fencing, pool decking, etc.

Advertisements: Signboards, graphics and other promotional materials, screen and digital printing, displays, etc.

Industrial Applications: Control cabinets, panels, ducts, structures for corrosive environments, etc.

PVC Board Vs Plywood Material:

Traditionally, wood was very popularly used for making the furniture. Wood is used in Plywood but it does not have properties to sustain water. Hence, PVC board furniture is used today instead of plywood for home and office decor. They impart a stylish finish to the property. As this material is water, fire and chemical resistant, it is used widely in the kitchen.

Other Important Features of the PVC Board are:-

  • Low maintenance
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-toxic
  • Tough and rigid with a high impact strength
  • Weatherproof
  • Stain proof
  • Chemical resistant
  • Self-extinguishing and fire retardant
  • Offers heat and sound insulation
  • It can be easily molded, shaped, embossed and painted.

PVC foam can be easily fabricated in a variety of colors. They can be customized for displays to mimic brand colors. They can be cut and shaped with standard tools and cutters to fabricate creative shapes, letters, and other lightweight forms.

As the PVC board price is cheap, advertisers use this material on a large scale. Apart from affordable PVC board price, advertisers prefer them as this material can withstand rain, heat, and water. PVC board is made of a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and polyuria. Dipoles or polarized molecules of this mixture imparts the material its high strength and ability to absorb low moisture.

Price of PVC Boards:

The price of PVC board in India is low which makes them a popular choice of material for a variety of applications. PVC plywood price is reasonable as this material is almost maintenance-free and long-lasting.

PVC board price in India of good quality material starts from as low as Rs. 25/sq foot.

PVC Board

Price (Approximate)

PVC Foam Board Price

Rs. 25/ Square Feet

PVC board 4x8 price

Rs. 100/ Square Feet

PVC Water Proof Board Price

Rs. 500/ Unit

Rigid PVC Board Price

Rs. 60/ Square Feet

PVC Board 19mm Price

Rs 75/Square Feet

PVC Door Board Price

Rs 65/ Square Feet

So, it is best to get the quotes from your short-listed PVC board companies as the cost differs from one company to other.


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