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PVC Wall Panels by Finilex

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Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh


Abstract Series Wall Panels by Alstrong

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Marble Series Wall Panels by Alstrong

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Wooden Series Wall Panels by Alstrong

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Wall Panel by Raas Overseas

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Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Wall Panel by Biswas Trade

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Kolkata, West Bengal

Wooden Wall Panel by Shree Sakshi Infratech

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Gurgaon, Haryana

PVC Panel by Grand Polymers Private Limited

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Dhar, Madhya Pradesh

Wall Panel by Madhu Enterprises

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Bangalore, Karnataka

Laminated PVC Panel by Grand Polymers Private Limited

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Dhar, Madhya Pradesh

Designer PVC Panel by Grand Polymers Private Limited

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Dhar, Madhya Pradesh

Wall Panel by Novopan Industries Ltd.

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By : Novopan Industries Ltd.

Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh

Wall panels are architectural additions that are installed on the walls of both residential and commercial properties. The wall cladding panels can be installed either for their aesthetics to improve the decor of the room or due to their structural strength to provide extra integrity to the walls. The wall panels can be made of both natural or artificial materials. The market is replete with wall panels of all kinds of designs, materials, sizes, texttures, etc.

Some of the common types of wall panels widely used all over the world have been discussed here.

Decorative Wall Panels

The decorative wall panels are usually installed for their superior aesthetics even though they can also serve to protect the wall from damage. The decorative wall panels are of the following types.

  • Panels made of a blend of plaster and other materials are called gypsum wall panels. They are highly decorative panels which can be installed in bedrooms, living rooms and offices. However, such panels are sensitive to moisture and should not be used in bathrooms and external areas.
  • 3d wall panels brings a drab wall to life by their excellent decor value. These panels are manufactured in textured forms which creates a unique pattern of light and shadows. 3d wall panels price depends upon its material such as MDF, wood, gypsum, leather, bamboo, etc. along with other factors such as texture and design.
  • Wood panels made of natural wood are widely used decorative wall panels. There is a plethora of wall wood panel designs available in the market. The prices mainly depend upon the species of wood used in making the panels.
  • Leather wall panels have a soft texture and are warm to touch. The leather wall panels have a very high aesthetic appeal and appear like tiles. Leather wall panels are ideal living room wall panels, bedroom wall panels, office room wall panels and hallway wall panels.
  • Fabric wall panels are soft and can be used to clad hard and smooth walls. The fabric wall panels make the room appear more cosy. There are many types of fabric wall panels designs to choose from in the market. Nightclubs and restaurants widely use fabric wall panels.

PVC Wall Panels

PVC or polyvinyl chloride panels are plastic wall panels. The panels are made of pvc and plasticiser. There are many beneficial features associated with pvc wall panels such as fire-resistance, high durability and easy maintenance. The surface of a pvc wall panel remains free of dust, hence it is also a very hygienic wall panel. Moisture resistance properties make PVC panels suitable to be used as bathroom wall panels. PVC can be cut easily into any size and shape, this is the reason why there are so many pvc wall panel designs to choose from.

MDF Wall Panels

MDF stands for medium density fiberboard. This is a composite wooden material which consists of wood fibers bonded with resin. High heat and pressure is used to bond the wood fibers with resin to manufacture MDF. The mdf wall panels resemble wood panels because of their natural wooden finish. Thus, you can get a natural wooden appearance for your room at much cheaper rates as compared to natural wood panels by using mdf.

Acoustical Wall Panels

Acoustical wall panel has a core made of foam or wood which is wrapped with a layer of fabric or vinyl. The function of acoustic wall panels, as the name suggests, is to prevent external noise from entering the room through the walls and limit the intensity of sound inside the room. These panels are commonly used in auditoriums, schools, hospitals and hotels.

Structural wall panels

Structured wall panels are used as exterior wall panels. Structured wall panels are made of precast concrete and form a frame around the external walls of the building. Structural insulated panels made of sheets of foam insulation bounded by wood fiber board are also excellent exterior wall panels.

Stone Wall Panels

Stone wall panels add a rustic and classic apperance to the internal and external walls. In addition, their high durability and sturdiness provide good resistance against weather elements, fire and pollution. There are many kinds of stone wall panels such as granite, limestone, artesia stone, country rubble, etc. These are highly textured wall panels available in a wide range of textures and styles.

Laminate Wall Panels

Laminate is manufactured by fusing several layers of wood, fabric or paper with resin and compressing it under heat. There are many types of laminate wall panels such as high-pressure laminate, metal laminate, resin laminate and custom laminate. Laminate wall panels are artificial aesthetically pleasing wall panels.

Metal Wall Panels

Metal wall panels are made of various types of metals. Common examples are aluminium wall panels, zinc wall panels, copper wall panels, steel wall panels and alloy wall panels. They have a host of beneficial features such as impact resistance, fire resistance, moisture resistance, sound muffling and insulation.

Acrylic Wall Panels

Acrylic wall panels are a good alternative to tiles. The acrylic wall panels are resistant against low temperature, heat and humidity. Acrylic wall panel also has a non-stick surface which prevent bacterial and mould growth. Hygienic nature and good performance in moist environments makes them ideal shower wall panels.

Tileboard Wall Panels

Tileboard wall panels are made of resin or melamine. This type of wall cladding panel resembles a ceramic tile. Tileboard panels do not have grout lines where dirt can accumulate. They are also easy to install. 

Wall Panel Price List

Types of Wall Panel Price
Modern Clean Room Wall Panels, Thickness: 40 - 100 mm Rs 2,100/Square Meter
Mitaso Wall Cladding PUF Panel Rs 79/Square Feet
PVC Rectangle Wall Panel, Thickness: 8 mm Rs 350/Piece
PVC Water Proof Wall Ceiling Panel Rs 70/Square Feet
Beige Color PVC Wall Panel, Thickness: 10-25 mm Rs 75/Square Feet
PVC Designer Wall Panel, Shape: Rectangle Rs 300/Sheet
PVC Residential Wall Panel Rs 150/Square Feet

The wall panel price is dependent upon the type, quality and size of the panel. The wall panel design and texture are also important determinants of its price. 


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