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Wood Cladding (Price, Design & Texture)

What is Wood Cladding?

Wooden cladding is a fixing of wooden material on the walls or timber surfaces. The wall cladding not only provides support and strength to the wall surfaces but also provide a surreal and interesting look to the walls. Timber cladding or wooden cladding is perfect for both, the traditional style exterior cladding or the chic style contemporary cladding. Wood wall panelling has been used since quite a while in India due to its aesthetic feel and look. wooden clad provides a natural look, aesthetic effect, environmental benefits, competitive price, and promising durability which makes it the most used cladding material.

Exterior wooden cladding:

Timber cladding is widely used for home or building exteriors. It is the most widely adapted cladding material due to the warmth and cosy appeal it provides. The wood cladding texture is simply flawless and looks attractive win different shades. It has some environmental benefits as wood is a renewable resource, has low carbon footprints, and is budget friendly.

From the top wooden cladding materials, spruce cladding, pine cladding, cedar cladding, oak, teak etc are the best options.

Benefits of exterior wooden cladding:

  • Exterior wooden cladding provides a tempting and appealing look to the walls
  • There are ample of designs, styles and patterns available for wooden cladding
  • It has amazing thermal insulation benefits
  • It provides a very polished and classy finishing touch to the property
  • Wooden cladding is sustainable and long lasting
  • It is available at very competitive prices

Browse the internet for exterior wooden cladding India, and you will get number of designs, patterns, prices and distributors of wooden cladding material. You can choose from wooden texture cladding, wooden laminated cladding, decorative wooden panels and much more.

Wooden cladding prices range from 100/sqft to 500/sqft depending on the style, design and pattern of the wooden cladding material.


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