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PVC Laminates

PVC Laminates by Durian Laminates

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PVC Laminates For Furniture and Kitchen

PVC is the short form for polyvinyl chloride. There are many advantages of pvc laminates such as resistance against scratches and corrosion, non toxic nature, resistance against mechanical damage, resistance against cleaning chemicals and safety for food contact. The pvc laminate sheets can also be cleaned very easily. PVC laminate sheets can be fixed with each other using silicone or a special cold welding technique which provides a good finish. There are many types if pvc laminates design such pvc marble, pvc printed, pvc steel and other types of pvc laminate sheets.

PVC Laminate Applications

Modular kitchens are being widely preferred by people. Kitchen cabinets play a major role in the overall look of modular kitchens. The surface finish of kitchen cabinets need to be aesthetically appealing and must also have beneficial properties. Nowadays, people are increasingly preferring pvc laminates for kitchen cabinetry. This is because PVC laminates are oil proof and waterproof which makes them highly suitable for use in kitchens. Furthermore, PVC laminates are easy to install.

PVC laminate sheets are also used for bathroom flooring. PVC is water resistant which is why the PVC laminates make for ideal flooring for bathrooms and other wet rooms. The laminate sheets can be installed on various surfaces such as cement, tiles, boards, etc. PVC laminate also withstands damage caused by falling objects. High degree of sound absorbency of PVC laminate flooring also reduces the sound produced in the bathroom. PVC laminated doors for bathrooms and other rooms are also available in the market.

Apart from veneers and other kinds of laminate sheets, pvc laminate furniture is also being used for enhancing their surface finish. The PVC laminate sheets also protects the furniture against termites, fire and water. The sheets also come in a plethora of colours and designs so that you get a laminate which matches with the furniture. The PVC laminates can mimic anything such as wood, stone, metal, etc. The PVC laminates can be used in place of veneers for furniture present in areas where they are likely to undergo wear and tear. PVC laminates are easier to maintain as compared to veneers. PVC laminates for furniture are also much more affordable than high quality veneers. High quality branded veneers are often hard on the pocket.

Advantages of PVC Laminates

  • PVC laminates are lightweight but are high in strength and toughness. They are also resistant against abrasion.
  • PVC laminate sheets can be cut, shaped and welded in a plethora of styles and shapes. This property makes them easy to customize.
  • PVC laminates have a long life span because they are resistant against weathering, chemical attacks, rotting and other harmful elements.
  • PVC laminate is non toxic in nature and can be safely used in homes and offices. PVC meets all the international standards for health and safety.
  • Like other PVC products, PVC laminates are also difficult to ignite and do not produce much heat on ignition. Fire resistant property is due to high chlorine content.
  • PVC laminate sheets do not conduct electricity because of high insulating properties.

PVC Laminates Price List

Brand Price 
Wardrobe PVC Laminate Sheet  Rs.1400/Sheet 
Fabric Laminated Sheet Rs.500/Sheet
Matte Finish Textured Laminate Sheet  Rs.900/Sheet
Exterior Laminate Sheet Rs.240/sqrt
Decorative Laminate Sheet  Rs. 200/sqrt

The pvc laminates price depends upon its thickness, width, quality and type. The kind of PVC laminate sheet you are purchasing such as printed, wooden, marble, etc. play an important role in determining the price. The prices quoted on the various online stores are on a per sheet basis. The characteristics of the PVC laminates also contribute to the prices. PVC laminates with superior characteristics cost more than the simple ones. It is important to buy only premium quality PVC laminates by the best brands. A thorough search of the various online stores is recommended.


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