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Solar Rooftop Systems by Jakson Limited

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Solar Rooftop Systems by Shri Solar

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Solar Rooftop Systems by Vam Solar

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Solar Rooftop Systems by GeoPower India Pvt Ltd

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Solar Rooftop Systems by Indosolar

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Solar Rooftop Systems by Oorja Solar

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Solar Rooftop Systems by Unify Solar

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Solar Rooftop Systems by Moser Baer Solar Limited

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Solar Rooftop Systems by Trina Solar (India)

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Solar Rooftop Systems by RayKonnect

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Solar Rooftop Systems by Yingli Solar

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Solar Rooftop Systems by Azure Power

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Solar Rooftop Systems by Euro Premium Solar

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Solar Rooftop Systems by Marvel Green Energy Limited

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Solar Rooftop Systems by Canadian Solar

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Solar Rooftop Systems by Agni Solar Systems Pvt Ltd

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Solar Rooftop Systems by CleanMax Solar

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Solar Rooftop Systems by ONP Solar

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Solar Rooftop Systems by Asterix energy

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KW Solar Rooftop Systems by Waaree Energies Ltd

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Solar Rooftop Systems by KotakSolar

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Solar Rooftop Systems by Eminence Solution

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The Solar rooftop system or Rooftop PV (Photovoltaic) Power System is the most reliable renewable energy source where the solar panels are installed on the roofs of any industrial, commercial, residential and institutional buildings to generate electricity. While some systems have battery storage facility, there are also the grid-connected systems, which are called small SPV systems. The Grid connected solar power systems generate DC power and convert it to AC with a conditioning unit during daytime. In case the weather is cloudy, the grid supplies power for the captive loads.

Coming to the Grid Connected Solar Roof system, they have many advantages and hence, are mostly used –thanks to their low gestation span. The electricity generated in these systems takes place within consumption centre without the need of additional land. They save transmission and reduce system congestion. For one kilowatt system, around twelve square metres of area is preferable. A south-facing shadow free area with flat terrain works the best. Other prevalent factors to consider are roof shape, weather condition and solar radiation.

The solar panel roof cost varies according to their types like Monocrystalline which are cut from a large silicon crystal, Polycrystalline which are cut from multiple small silicon crystals and Amorphous which are the small and thinnest photovoltaic panels. While Monocrystalline Solar panel Roof Tiles are space efficient and expensive, the Polycrystaline systems are relatively cheap and have low tolerance of heat.

The main raw material in solar panels is Silicon which is found in abundance in any beach areas and converting silicon from sand is the primary process. Silicon being an excellent conductor is capable of capturing huge radiation and is reliable to use along with ingots, solar cells and wafers. The melted cylindrical ingots obtained from silicon rocks are used for making slices of discs or wafers. The solar roof tiles cost is cheap if their creation without any pollutants are considered.

The solar rooftop cost is affordable and its extensive utility in appliances like coolers, heaters and televisions has made them popular. Moreover, there is no chance of greenhouse gas emission.

Another milestone in solar power utilization was the introduction of the solar roof shingles in the year 2005. Dow Chemical Company, the “Powerhouse of solar system” marked their entry in the market followed by the joint venture of Tesla and SolarCity.

These photovoltaic modules are actually solar panels used as roofing material like slate or asphalt shingles. These solar shingles soak sunlight and convert it into electrical energy through various thin-film technologies. Their installation process is easier than other solar panels and these are very useful in those houses having small roofs.

A Tesla solar roof cost ranges in between $4-$12 per watt and the cost varies according to the size of the panels and the technologies utilized. The installation process of a residential shingle structure might take up to 350 panels with the cost ranging approximately twenty thousand dollars. The installation cost also includes purchasing of equipment, attaining permit from government, making registration, site inspection and getting warranties for workmen.

These solar panel tiles are grid connected and produce DC or Direct Current which is converted into AC or Alternating Current with an inverter so that the standard current unit is matched for the household. The three common types of shingles are solid panels, semi rigid panels consisting of silicon cells and thin film cells which ensure flexibility.

Promoting the potentiality of the environment-friendly green technology, the solar panel rooftops are the answer to climate change and global warming prevention. As this energy system relies on renewable energy of sunlight rather than on fossil fuels, in near future its prospect is very high. 


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