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uPVC Windows

uPVC Window by Real Fenster

Real Fenster is one of the best manufacturers of uPVC and Aluminum windows and doors in North India. Real Read More..

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uPVC Window by Window Magic

Carrying an eye for detail and customer needs, without compromising on quality, Window Magic is amongst the in Read More..

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uPVC Windows by Weather Seal

Weatherseal formulation and manufacturing process make windows that deliver superior performance, energy effic Read More..

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uPVC Window by Lingel

PVC is a multi-purpose material and finds its application virtually everywhere, e.g. Shoes, Clothes (like wate Read More..

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uPVC Windows by Enmarcar

The belief that customer satisfaction is as important as their products and services, have helped this establi Read More..

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uPVC Windows by Front Elevation India

Welcome to Front Elevation India in Delhi ,NCR and all around India,Trademark of The Great indian Craft.We are Read More..

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uPVC Windows by For s Windowcraft

We are UPVC Windows manufacturer in Gurgaon. Being a noteworthy enterprise of this industry, we are offering a Read More..

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uPVC Windows by Gron Windows

Gron is your source for innovative, state of art and high end solutions for the “Doors and Windows&rdquo Read More..

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uPVC Windows by Khandelwal Timber

Khandelwal Timber & Plywood is proving good quality products. Read More..

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uPVC Windows by Aptus Windows

Choose from our extensive collection of casement doors and windows, which are well-suited for your needs and c Read More..

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uPVC Window by Koemmerling

Renowned for its explicit products Koemmerling is one of the most trusted brands around the globe. Koemmer Read More..

Price 499/Sq. Foot
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uPVC Windows by Spectrum Windows

A window shade is a strong and stable window covering as a rule comprising of an edge of vertical stiles and l Read More..

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uPVC Window by Shree Windows

Shree Window is the one of the most upcoming active brand for windows with high requirements in respect o Read More..

Price 499/Sq. Foot
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uPVC Windows by Shankar Fenestration

Finest Quality /International Grade of UPVC for Door , Windows , Design Sections. Read More..

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uPVC Windows by Plasopan Engineers

Plastic Profile extrusion is the core competence of Plasopan Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd. We have been perfecti Read More..

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uPVC Windows by Glemtech Plast Pvt. Ltd.

Glemtech Plast Pvt. Ltd, is a UPVC Doors & UPVC Windows manufacturer based out of Noida. Read More..

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uPVC Windows by Aparna Venster


Our uPVC windows provide a perfect balance between energy efficiency and comfortable living. Aparna Venst Read More..

Price 499/Sq. Foot
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uPVC Windows by EDIFICIO

Edificio compiles a set of genre which are dedicated to provide you distinct lifestyle solutions when it comes Read More..

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uPVC Windows by R S Window Solution

Application Hotel, Restaurant etc Material UPVC Thickness of Glass Read More..

Price 250/Sq. Foot
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uPVC Windows by ML Industries

We are incorporated by team of head honcho and to produce world class uPVC windows for the growing market of I Read More..

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uPVC Window by Shiva Steel Industries

Window fest is brand of Shiva Steel Industries, a well known and established name in the manufacturing ,supply Read More..

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uPVC Windows by Deccan Structural

Get the best door and window solutions for your home. Deccan promises silent, spacious and bright homes throug Read More..

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uPVC Window by Concept Design

Creative Pulse Marketing Private Limited was established on 10th July 2010. The Company offers a wide range of Read More..

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uPVC Windows by Four Corner Windows

FOUR CORNER WINDOWS brings to you a range of gorgeous looking upvc home window designs that will transform you Read More..

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uPVC Windows by Deceuninck India

Deceuninck India offers an excellent range of energy-efficient and long lasting UPVC windows and doors Read More..

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uPVC Window by Okotech uPVC Profiles

A product of Aparna Profiles Pvt. Ltd., Ökotech has placed itself as a premium uPVC brand both in terms o Read More..

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uPVC Windows by Gala Aluplast

Gala Aluplast Private Limited is of the most populor & trust brand in uPVC. Read More..

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UPVC Windows

UPVC windows are a very cheap and durable option if you are looking forward to design your home with some amazing window varieties. Some special modifiers and components are mixed with polyvinyl chloride to prepare UPVC windows and this is the reason why UPVC windows have grabbed attention not only in the residential but also in the commercial market. There are ample of upvc windows designs available in the market for different purposes. The main components used in making upvc windows are the upvc window sections, glasses, grills, and other hardware equipment.

UPVC Window Price and Cost

Type of uPVC Window

Price Range

UPVC windows

300/sqft - 850/sqft

UPVC casement windows

300/sqft - 500/sqft

UPVC tilt and turn windows

500/sqft - 700/sqft

UPVC double hung windows

1000/sqft - 1200/sqft

UPVC louvered windows

800/sqft - 1000/sqft

UPVC Fixed windows

1000/sqft - 1500/sqft

UPVC sliding windows

350/sqft - 800/sqft

UPVC double glazed windows

1000/sqft - 1200sqft

UPVC folding and sliding windows

700-900 Rs

UPVC windows with grills

300/sqft - 700/sqft

What is UPVC window and how is it made?

Upvc windows are made from plastic or versatile polyvinyl chloride. There are some other polymers and components mixed in the polyvinyl chloride to make the windows stronger and durable. Specialised formulation of upvc windows includes the use of modifiers for developing windows frames. 80-85% polyvinyl chloride and 20% other elements are used for preparing upvc windows. The blend of such strong and powerful materials makes upvc stronger and reliable.


The UPVC windows are made using UPVC sections which are cut and merged for giving the shape to UPVC windows. For the preparation of UPVC windows, PVC is tempered and melt down in a die. After it gets a proper shape, the material is again cut and cooled. The sections are then shaped as windows and as per the design of windows, the shape, size, flatness, and level of sections are developed. There are different types of UPVC sections like plain, rubber and sliding sections. The profiles are made to prevent the climatic effect on the rooms. The most common size of UPVC profiles is 60mm for openable windows and 88mm for sliding windows which are used worldwide.

Grills and Glasses

One of the latest concepts was developed as UPVC windows with grills. The grilled window pattern is available for both, the sliding as well as open windows. The grills are built of around 10-12mm thickness. 

Apart from the sections, profiles and grills, the UPVC windows also consist of glasses. The glasses used in construction of windows can make the windows more energy efficient and secure. One of the common glass styles is float glass and another is annealed glass.  Apart from these glasses, there are some other glasses used for UPVC windows which provide sound, light, heat insulation along with safety.                                        

Reflective glasses, tinted glasses, toughened glass, acid-etched glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, low emission glasses and sandblasted glasses are some of the most sought after options.

Best UPVC windows in India

The UPVC windows are available in many different styles and designs. The energy efficient material and flexible design options make the UPVC windows suitable for different needs. If you want a clean and elegant window, choose tilt and turn window for your home entrance which provides ventilation as well as amazing air flow. There are special windows like twin sash windows or bay windows for enriching the view of your living room. If you have accent home with the best furnishings, choose the skylight windows. One of the highest selling UPVC window types are the casement windows which provide a rich look and specialised effect to the balcony and garden side areas. You can browse UPVC windows online and choose the most suitable option for your home.

Types of UPVC windows:

There is a wide range of UPVC window designs available in the market for different purposes. The upvc material is used for creating modern and chic style windows. Here are some of the most famous designs of UPVC windows:

  • UPVC casement windows
  • UPVC tilt and turn windows
  • UPVC sliding windows
  • UPVC double hung windows
  • Upvc louvered windows
  • Fixed UPVC windows
  • UPVC double glazed windows
  • UPVC folding and sliding windows

These are the most common types of UPVC windows with different styles and purposes.

uPVC Window Advantages:

  • UPVC windows offer smooth operation, installation and usage
  • The quality material used in UPVC windows is long lasting
  • The UPVC windows are heat and cold resistant. These windows can also bear climatic changes
  • You won’t face issues of corrosion or termites
  • UPVC windows are immensely strong and provide tough security
  • UPVC material is eco-friendly
  • There are ample of designs and patterns to choose from
  • UPVC windows are energy efficient and will save your electricity bills
  • UPVC window rates are quite competitive and budget friendly as compared to steel, wooden and other materials
  • You can browse through tremendous stock of UPVC windows online and select the most favorable window designs for your property

Description of Different types of uPVC Windows

There are ample of upvc window designs available in the market for different purposes. The upvc material is used for creating modern and chic style windows. Here are some designs of upvc windows:

UPVC double hung windows

The double hung windows provide a very rich and extraordinary look to the windows. These windows lock perfectly and showcase the most stylish patterns and framing. If you require multi-framed and modern windows in your home, this is the best option to choose! Browse some upvc window images and you will get the best double hung window designs for your property.

Upvc louvered windows

For extraordinary ventilation purposes, the louvered upvc windows are preferred widely. These windows are beautifully framed and designed to allow fresh air in your home. This design is specially used in homes and huge buildings for ventilation purpose.  It is a temperature friendly window design which will not only provide fresh air but will also make your property look ravishing. For the hot and humid climate of India during summers, this is the best window option to consider.

If you have been looking for windows that would keep the harsh weather conditions away from the interiors of your home, UPVC windows are the best choice. When it comes to design and style, there is a wide range of options. These UPVC windows offer durable, stylish and high quality solutions for every home. If you want to make your home cozy and comfortable during winters or harsh summers, install windows made from UPVC materials. These windows can also keep away outside noises nicely and provide you serene and calm atmosphere inside. UPVC is a material that can cut noises up to 70 percent.

You can compare UPVC windows prices at different online stores before purchasing. Choose styles and designs of windows that support contemporary living. When it comes to purchasing it is important to check the dimensional accuracy of the windows. Different sizes and styles of windows are available for different areas of the house. For example, there are different options for bathrooms, porch, and bedrooms. You must choose accordingly for efficient functioning of the windows. As UPVC windows are maintenance free, you do not have to do too much for cleaning the windows from time to time. UPVC windows also insulate your home from harsh weather conditions.

Find best quality UPVC windows online and send inquiry for UPVC windows cost, frames, specification and replacement for your construction needs at WFM.


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