Latest Window Designs For Modern Homes in India (2018)

By March 29 , 2018

There is this thing about trends – it keeps changing. Whether it is fashion or interior, the trends and new-ins don’t stay longer in the market. And let’s just face it, no one wants to settle for something that is no more in fashion.

When it comes to the interior of our house, we want everything to be perfect and utter beautiful. From the windows to the paint of the walls – everything needs to be amazing. However, as changing a house every now and then isn’t always a feasible choice to make. Therefore, build your house in a way so that it never goes out of fashion.

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The decision of choosing the right kind of windows and doors of the house is one of the most crucial decisions. It makes a great statement about your house and hence, you need to make sure that you have chosen the right door and window design for your house.

There are plenty of different kinds of latest window designs available. And if you are wondering which one will be the best choice, here are a few designs that you can look at –

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Sliding Windows Designs

The slider windows are an amazing choice for your window. These kinds of latest window designs are perfect for any traditional house. One of the slides of these windows are always operable and you can slide it horizontally.

Window Designs

Casement Windows Designs

Another popular choice of window design is the casement windows. In these kind of windows, the operable panels hang on one hinge. This allows the window to open like a door.

Bay Window Designs

The Bay Window designs are another versatile option for your house’s interior. Although a few people claim that these window designs are outdated or way too traditional, the design still is one of the most preferred among the people. The sophisticated design of the windows will be perfect for a traditional house.

The French window

The French window is amongst the most popular new window designs these days. The elegant design is meant to enhance the aesthetic value of your house. Where is the best place to put them? The answer is in the balcony – you can enjoy the beautiful view of your exterior through the French window.

Tilt and Turn Windows

If you are someone who is not a big fan of the grills and bars, you can choose the till and turn window for our house. You can also find these kinds of windows in various UPVC window designs in the market. The tilt and turn windows are easy to clean, perfect for an emergency exit.

Double – Hung Window Design

Perfect for you kitchen, these kitchen window designs are one of the favorites among people. It makes the kitchen look elegant and classy. The best thing about the double-hung window design is, you can wide open the window from two sides – either from the top or the bottom. However, as they remain inside the frame, they do not really produce anything for the interior or the exterior of the house.

Softer Shades for Bathroom Windows

While you are searching for different bathroom window designs, you should definitely opt for the softer shades. Apart from the softer shades, there are plenty of other design options available for your bathroom window. For example – Peaks and Valley, Back to Nature, Pop of Pink and many others.

Awning Windows

These awning windows have always been a popular choice of new window designs among the people in various countries. The awning windows are basically hinged on the top; and when you want to open the window, all you need to do is swing it upwards.

Picture Windows

If you are looking for a sophisticated touch in your house, then grab these picture windows. The window pane designs of these picture windows are different from the rests and are just incredibly beautiful. However, the windows are fixed windows and you cannot open or close the glasses of the window. Perfect for your living room.

Entry Door Windows

If you are looking for something different and unique door window designs, then entry door windows are a great option for you. The entrance of the house tells a lot about your lifestyle. A sophisticated and well-designed entryway surely makes a good first impression. The entry door windows will provide you that particular first impression.

Skylight Windows

Everyone looks forward to getting some fresh air and natural lights at least once a day. The skylight windows are one of the best options to get natural lights inside the house. These window glass designs latest will surely make your house look pretty sophisticated and beautiful.

Stained Glass Windows

If you are looking for a little bit of drama and character to be added to your house’s interior, you should opt for the stained glass windows. These window designs for homes are extremely beautiful and will give you major window design goals.

The window designs of your house do make a statement about you. And therefore, you need to be very sure about what you are choosing. The above guide is to help you find the best suitable one for your need. You can choose any of those and apply the same to your house’s interior. Be trendy always!

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